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Complete Solution

"e-Learning refers simply to training and educational materials delivered over the Internet or on CD-ROM". Sounds simple. But this technology brings the following benefits:

  • Price advantage - lower cost;
  • Minimise time off-work - class room time, travel time, cost reduction
  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning – anytime (24x7), anywhere;
  • Use of evening hours for training from anywhere;
  • Short development cycles for new training courseware;
  • Learning Process Management – easy tracking of course results and performance;
  • Ideal for delivering same content to geographically dispersed learners;
  • Archives content for convenient access and knowledge share;
  • Extends audience reach without special scheduling;
  • Promotes self-paced learning;
  • Modular approach - content easier to reach in smaller portions.


The e-Learning Network is the Solution to realise these benefits (Choose the Icon for details):

The eLearning Network (eLN) is extremely flexible and can be custom-configured to meet your particular needs. It can be used to quickly address a specific training problem or challenge, or it can be used to develop and deliver e-Learning throughout your entire enterprise.

eLearning Network provides the people, technology, and services needed by companies to create, access, or manage their e-Learning process. The core of the eLearning Network is an Internet-based delivery and management system that integrates market-leading content with browser-based authoring, publishing, and management tools as an online service.

The eLearning Network forms a total solution for outsourced eLearning consisting of five critical elements:

  • Analysis -Professional Services Strategic Consulting Team;
  • Content - eLN Content Library (Russian courseware), Click2learn eLN International Library (Multilingual courseware), Authoring and Publishing tools and Professional Support to develop Client's Personal Library;
  • Delivery - Client's e-Learning Site (based and ASP model);
  • Management - manager (LMS);
  • Support - Professional Service Group.

And, since the e-Learning Network uses an application service provider (ASP) model, provides the hardware and courseware, allowing your company immediate access to all the content and tools on the network instantly at a fraction of the cost of traditional learning solutions.


Web Conference Center

The Web Conference Center integrates the industry’s best web-based collaboration service, CentraNow, into your e-Learning site. Site Administrators, instructors, and meeting organisers can schedule and conduct Web meetings, and create meeting reports including attendance records. With the Web Conference Center, you can:

  • Host a meeting for up to 2,500 participants.
  • Show PowerPoint slide presentations Interactively demonstrate applications
  • Broadcast files and view Web pages, pictures, and graphs
  • Receive and respond to audience questions
  • Poll meeting participants instantly
  • Be more productive by attending meetings without leaving your desk. News 
Nov 28, 2002 CSSeTrain made the presentation, "Methodology and Technology of the Development of Electronic Training Aids: Systems of Teaching Content Control",

at the conference "New Information Technologies in Education" held on 28 November, 2002, in St. Petersburg as part of the 3rd Business Forum "Information Technologies in the Development of the North-West Region of Russia".





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