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The Enterprise Knowledge Platform TM (EKP)

A powerful family of multilingual learning management systems, the Enterprise Knowledge Platform has been chosen by Cathay Pacific Airways, HSBC, Visa International and other leading multinationals. Comprising EKP Bronze, EKP Silver and EKP Gold, the EKP family combines user-friendly designs and mission-critical reliability with seamless upgrade paths. In fact, a license key is all you need to migrate from EKP Bronze to EKP Silver, or from EKP Silver to EKP Gold. There's no need to re-install the software, no data conversion and no business interruptions.

Bringing E-learning to Life

EKP's advanced multimedia capabilities bring e-learning to life. It supports virtual-classroom technologies and courseware from all major suppliers. And because learners and managers access EKP through a standard Web browser, the system is easy to use and quick to implement.

One of EKP's key features is the Knowledge Center, a dynamically generated area that puts everything a learner needs � including course-specific data, supporting information, and communications functions � in one convenient location on the desktop. EKP also includes a personal calendar, reminder notes and other tools that increase retention and make learning more efficient.

Control and Flexibility for Managers

EKP gives managers and administrators unprecedented control over the learning process. A corporate hierarchy mapping function, for example, lets administrators assign learners to groups based on multiple user-selected criteria, such as title, location, special interests, etc. This feature, combined with the ability to create an unlimited number of user roles, gives managers unparalleled flexibility in targeting individuals and groups of users. It also makes it easy to reconfigure EKP to accommodate anything from a minor corporate reorganization to a major acquisition.

Global message broadcasting, course catalog management, cost accounting, as well as standard and custom reporting capabilities are also included. These features simplify day-to-day management and ensure that EKP meets a range of back-office requirements.

Technical Information

Using transaction-server technologies usually found in online banking systems, EKP is AICC-compliant, SCORM certified and 100% Java. On the client-side, all learner and administrator functions can be accessed using the Internet Explorer Web browser (version 4.0 or above), running on any operating system.

 EKP runs on servers that use the Windows, Solaris, HP-Unix and Red Hat Linux operating systems and supports the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.x, Oracle 8i/9i and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 databases. EKP requires a single CPU Pentium (or equivalent), 1 GHz or higher, with a minimum of 512 MB of system memory, a minimum database size of 500 MB, and a minimum database log size of 100 MB. Remote content servers are also supported.


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